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 Posted: Thu Jan 19th, 2012 01:40 pm
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baseball has always been a passion of mine, i've played from the time i was 8 until i graduated high school. I dont really care for today's baseball, but i really enjoy  baseball from the early 20th century. My favorite is Ty Cobb as he was my fathers great uncle. I dont think todays players could compete against lou gehrig, babe ruth, ty cobb, joe dimaggio, jackie robinson, jimmie foxx and hank greenberg. they played in heavy leather shoes, wool outfits and baseballs that werent always perfectly round. Today the players have ulta lightwieght clothing, cleets that are custom designed for the individual player that is also made out of the lightest material available. And its hard as hell to hit a homerun, but imagine hitting one with a ball that isn't perfectly rounded!  To the avid baseball fans on this site, what  are ya'lls opinions? Who's your favorite baseball player of all time? And i always love to learn new interesting facts about the golden era of baseball.

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