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 Posted: Fri Jan 20th, 2012 01:57 pm
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lol, yeah i was an atlanta fan but when they destroyed their team by letting Gary sheffield, lopez and maddox go i pretty much quit following them. Ty cobb is my favorite also because of his style of play... he didnt just use his talent to exceed he also used strategy. I remember reading that he would try crazy almost impossible plays just to throw the opponents off. One of the things i read was how he was standing on second, called over to the pitcher and told him he was going to steal third, and sure enough as soon as the pitcher threw the pitch he stole 3rd, while on third he called over to the pitcher and told him he was going to steal home. When the pitcher started the windup Cobb just leisurely strolled toward home, the pitcher threw to home, cobb continued to stroll toward home until only a few feet away, then jumped and kicked the catcher in the face, allowing him to score. Cobb added excitment to the game, no matter how much people hated him they had to respect him. He still holds the career batting average.

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