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 Posted: Sun Jan 22nd, 2012 10:25 am
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If you were starting up a ballclub and you had a choice between Cobb or matter who you pick you can't go wrong. Cobb was probably the best all around hitter, no offense to Ted Williams. He was cocky on the basepaths and backed up his trash talk. He set records in hits, runs, SB's, and had numerous batting titles. Probably the fiercest competitor to ever play the game.  Its too bad his teams weren't more competitive.  I know the Tigers went to the World Series 3 consecutive years early in his career but it seems like they didn't do much after that.

Ruth was also a good hitter. He hit for average and power. The players of his day were in awe of the distance of his HR's. Plus the fact that he was the best pitcher in baseball at one time is amazing.  The first 6 years of his 21 year career was as a pitcher.  He won over 20 games two or three times. He set a shutout record in World Series play by pitching 27 consecutive shut out innings.  The god's of baseball cursed the Red Sox for 87 years for their stupidity in trading Ruth to the Yankees. 1961 was a bad year for the Babe....Maris broke his season HR record....Ford broke his World Series shutout innings record.

Have you seen the movie, "*61"? Very good movie on what Roger Maris went through during the 1961 season. He was shown tremendous hostility to his assault on Babe's record. If Babe Ruth had been alive I don't think Maris would have got near the treatment he got. One of the best lines of the movie is at the end. About the only NY sportswriter that showed him support asked him if he thought he had earned peoples respect. Maris says...a man doesn't earn respect on the ballfield. Too bad current players don't follow that thinking.

Mickey Mantle's father and grandfather died at or near 40. Mickey thinking he doesn't have much time just parties it up to enjoy his life before 40. If he had taken care of himself....God only knows the numbers he would have put up.

Ted the prime of his career enlists in the Army to go fight the Japanese.  He actually served in combat.  When Korea happens...he again goes off to fight.  The guy lost 5 years in the prime of his career....still hit over 500 HR's....last hitter to bat over .400.  You got to admire the self sacrifice he showed for his country.

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