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 Posted: Thu Jan 26th, 2012 11:26 pm
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When I was researching for an article on the Battle of Hoke's Run, I came across this story that is on a marker at the Hoke's Run battlefield. It said--
" Seating himself on a large, loose, round stone on the west side of the road,{Jackson} commenced to write. A shot from a Federal battery struck centrally, ten feet from the ground, a large white oak tree that stood in the fence corner close to Jackson and knocked a mass of bark, splinters and trash all over him and the paper on which he was writing. He brushed away the trash with the bck of his hand, finished the dispatch without a sign that he knew anything unusual was going on, folded it, handed it to the courier and dismissed him courteously: 'carry this to General Johnston with my compliments, and see that you lose no time on the way.' Jackson then said, “They have gotten our range. I suppose we had better retire.” Relieved, the troops near Jackson moved on.

Was this normal for Jackson to be this cool and calm when in the heat of battle?


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