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 Posted: Thu Jan 26th, 2012 11:31 pm
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I been recently doing a bit of studying on Pettigrew and i think it is amazing how good of an officer he was. In '62 he refused promotion to brig. Gen because he thought he lacked the knowledge to perform his duties appropriatly. When a relative of pettigrew requested to be on his staff because he was seeking a safe post pettigrew told him that  "I assure you that the most unsafe place in the brigade is about me. By all means let him get rid of this idea of a safe place, which he will regret after time. The post of danger is certainly the post of honor."

to take the casualties that pettigrews brigade sustained on the 1st day of gettysburg and continue to fight as an effective force on the 3rd day goes to show what kind of commander pettigrew was. Personally i think had pettigrew survived for another year he would have been leading a division maybe even a corps.

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