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 Posted: Sat Feb 11th, 2012 01:09 pm
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Wordsmith, I agree with everything you wrote about Grant and his abilities. Most would not argue about his vision or his tactic.

I think there is no argument about General Lee's tactical abilities and vision either. But you might have to add that Gen. Lee lacked an overall strategy about winning the war. Lee was truly dedicated to protecting Virginia and he seemed to have had less interest in fighting in any other theatre to protect or save the CSA.

The best example of this was when he and President Davis discussed taking the ANV to Vicksburg to help out Pemberton instead of bringing the war into Pennsylvania. He easily convinced Mr. Davis that northern sentiment about continuing the war might be altered if the ANV could score a big victory on northern soil.

Finally, I would say General Lee suffered from hubris and mistakenly thought his army could never be defeated after his
"annus mirabilis" of '62-'63. At Gettsyburg I believe Lee was more than a little desperate to have waged war contrary to his Academy training fighting an offensive battle behind enemy lines.

I truly agree that General Grant had a broader vision of what was required to defeat the South and end the war. Some of this vision and strategy had to result from the experience gained from waging war in more than one theatre.


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