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 Posted: Sun Feb 12th, 2012 04:24 am
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It doesn't take vision to adapt when you plans are crumbling, it takes a willingness to keep going without having to fall back and make new plans. Grant was a bulldog who kept going forward, even in defeat. If his plans said he was to go to the right and that became unavailable to him, then he simply went left rather than retreat and replan everything. That's not vision, that realization of what is open to you and making selections that keep you moving in the general direction you want to go in. He was willing to loose because he knew that ultimately as long as he could keep up the pressure on Lee that he would win. That's not vision, that's realization of the difference of conditions between the two factions. Grant realized Federal forces had more manpower to bring up and could afford to loose men where the South couldn't.

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