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 Posted: Sun Feb 12th, 2012 11:25 am
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Grant definitely didn't have much luck in civilian life. At West Point Longstreet was a fun loving, card playing guy, that was the life of the party. Grant was always the quiet type. Yet these two were the best of buddies there. Total opposites yet Longstreet highly valued his friendship throughout his life. There was nothing spectacular about Grant's resume.  Yet people saw something in the guy.

McClellan on the other hand had military success written all over him. On paper he should have been the guy that led the Army of the Potomac to crushing victories. He was successful in military and civilian life. Yet he wilted under the belief he was constantly outnumbered. It paralyzed him. At Antietam total victory was at hand....just a little more pressure and Lee's whole army would have collapsed. Anybody have doubts Grant would have sent in the last of the reserves to finish the job?

Grant won everywhere he went. He didn't always have superiority in numbers. His campaign against Vicksburg was studied in British military schools throughout the rest of the 19th Century. Grant also, like I've said before, did eventually beat Lee in the end.

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