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 Posted: Mon Feb 13th, 2012 02:00 pm
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Grant is the right man in that he does not take ‘no’ for an answer. Defeating him 99% of the time is not enough.

At Fort Henry and Donelson he combines with naval units to quickly transport and subdue the forts.

He immediately occupies the Tennessee valley to the falls at Muscle Shoals, denying it to the CSA and using it for his own purposes.

At Vicksburg, he again uses the navy, achieves an 'end-around', into the interior of Mississippi, divides the CSA forces and defeats them in detail.

At Chattanooga, he pushes all projects to completion, moves as many forces to the front as possible and leads the first combined US army group to victory in a combined operation.

In Northern Virginia, the army of the Potomac is reorganized into fewer, larger corps, superfluous ordnance (much of the artillery) is done away with, the supply system is re-organized to provide greater sustenance on longer campaigns and more troops are moved from rear-line duty to the front-line.

Others have commented on how the union won the war in the west. The CSA battled to a stalemate on the roughly 60 mile Virginia front for almost 4 years and lost the ‘western’ front of approximately 1000 miles. This does not include the inability of the CSA to keep sea travel open through the blockade along a 2000-mile coastline.

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