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 Posted: Thu Feb 23rd, 2012 05:04 am
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My 2006, very fact-based work of fiction, South Under a Prairie Sky: The Journal of Nell Churchill, US Nurse & Scout is now available as an E-book from my publisher, Xlibris Corp., - bookstore/1-888-795-4274, Book No. 36543. FOR $4.00 - 273 pp. of a "ripping good story"!!

My "Nell" book is partly based on my mother's family in Warren County, Monmouth, Illinois. It begins in 1856, when Nell's uncle, aunt, and cousins move from Bleeding Kansas to the safety of NW IL to start a new life. This gets Nell interested in the politics of the day. Lincoln campaigned in the area and debated at Knox College about 15 miles away. My own cousin's German ancestor was a member of the 83rd IL that fought at Ft. Donelson and he ran an underground RR station on his farm. My ggguncle John Shook fought at Stone's River under Sheridan.

I have Nell begin as a nurse at Shiloh working as the protege of Mary Bickerdyke who was from Galesburg where Nell attended Knox College. Then she gets recruited as a scout by Rosecrans. She falls in love with a dashing WI Swedish-American cavalry officer. At the end of the war she visits Washington.

I also have an underbook that separates fact from fiction, notes sources, and adds other facts and commentary. Nell's scouting episodes are largely based on those of US scout Pauline Cushman and Pinkerton Det. Hattie Lawton, as well as ORA scout reports.

My friends and relatives have liked this work very much, one reading it nonstop in 7 hours. It's also unisex in subject matter.

I hope many of you partake.

Thanking you in advance for your support!

C. Kay Larson, independent scholar

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