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 Posted: Sat Feb 25th, 2012 04:25 am
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Lincoln told Horace Greely just weeks before finally issuing the Emanicpation that his goal was to preserve the union. If he could do that by keeping all the slaves he'd do that, if he could do it by freeing all the slaves he'd do that, and if he could do it by freeing some of the slaves and leaving others in bondage he'd do that too. Look at the Emancipation, it was aimed to free only slaves in areas in open rebellion against the federal government while slaves in the border states would remain in bondage. If he's having this great spiritual epihany to free the slaves then why not state that all slaves are free no matter where they are?

What's more, what good did the Emancipation actually do in freeing any slaves, as already stated it's aim was those slaves in open rebellion against the federal government. Well the areas in open rebellion were a seperate nation during the war. The Confederacy didn't have to obey what Lincoln said about freeing the slaves, his administration was that of a foreign power. It might have been one thing had Davis said that the slaves in the Confederacy were to be set free in 1862, and I doubt very many would have been overjoyed enough to obey him had he said so. But Lincoln couldn't force the Confederacy to set their slaves free just by saying their to be set free. It seems more his goal was to ensure that European powers did not come in to aid the Confederacy rather than actually free any slave.

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