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 Posted: Fri Mar 2nd, 2012 07:02 pm
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Savez wrote: HankC wrote: Savez wrote: HankC wrote:

It was mostly Baltimore and its legislators that defeated the bill. They appreciated the skill set and commerce that the free black population brought to the city and stateā€¦


That seems odd considering Baltimore was a hotbed of secession.

not sure i get the connection...

Well, are you saying the same people that enjoyed the skill set and commerce of the free black population were the same ones that wanted to secede from the Union?

in Baltimore the free black population outnumbered the enslaved 25,000 to 2500.

The eastern shore proposal was that free blacks could leave the state, volunteer to be enslaved to the master of their choice or be conscripted by the state and sold at auction.

The Baltimoreans voted the logic of dimes and dollars.

not sure what you are saying about what I am saying??? Everything I have said is in black and white in the thread...

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