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 Posted: Mon Mar 19th, 2012 03:37 am
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Mark wrote: Thanks for the link Hellcat. As you your question about "eliteness," its for the same reason Civil War soldiers thought that being a member of a Zouave unit made them part of an elite unit. They felt special because they looked different than the other units. Remember what kind of romantic era mindset they are growing up in. War was about romantic and glorious charges ala Napoleon. It took several years of harsh reality to beat those ideas out of them. I'm not saying they ARE elite, I'm just saying that is the mindset they entered the war with.


I get what you're saying here Mark, and I certainly understand the whole deal with the Zouaves. I can see how folks would have seen their flamboyant uniforms were a sign of their being an eliete unit. But I have a hard time seeing how the soldiers carrying a pike would have seen themselves as elite before their first battle. I mean here you are carrying something that's something like eigth to eleven feet long and a lot of soldiers probably did a bit of hunting before they joined up. So why wouldn't they be looking at the pike and thinking about the distances at which their shooting deer or birds at? Seems to me that it may have been more the folks at the top looking back on the Napoleonic Wars with such romantic notions while the average soldier may have been starting to question things early on  but not yet realizing what their in for.


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