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 Posted: Tue Mar 20th, 2012 03:20 am
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Old Blu wrote:
What book?  The one that glorify's him or the one that tells the truth?#%$#

Regardless, I still think the John Brown story would make an interesting movie. I'm reading the book right now (Midnight Rising by Tony Horwitz)by the way and it is hard to put down. One thing I learned is at the time of the Harper's Ferry event, newspaper reports did not call it a "raid".

Common terms used then were "insurrection," "treason,""uprising", "invasion", "rebellion", and "crusade." The term "terror" was not used. What newspapers said about it then is instructive because it helps one understand John Brown's actions in context of the culture at that specific time.

How we interpret his behavior today, especially in light of September 11, Timothy McVeigh and other "homegrown terrorists like McVeigh is different.

It is notable, however, that the way captial punishment was dealt out to Brown is not much different than what we do today to those who engage in such behavior.

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