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1.) There is a differance between codification of the law and legality of the law.

Anything can be codefied into a law, even if it is unjust in its enforcement.

legality is understanding the moral justification of a law.

The search for the constitution legality of slavery does not stop in the period of the mid 1800's. The understanding of moral justice is a continious process of debate upon the Law.

Unlike reenactment, of which the purpose is present historic facts into a "living History", the search for the legality of Seccession & Slavery is a current debate and IS THE ISSUE as long there is a loyal following to the "Southern Cause".

"Slavery can not possibly be legalized. In its very nature it is incapable of legalization. The standard writers on common law affirm the impossibility of legalizing slavery, even by positive municipal law. They declare the right to liberty to be inalienable, and that statutes against fundamental morality are void."- radical abolitionist Convention, New York 1855

2.) If I overestimate the tide of the ant-slavery movement, then I see alot of peole underestimating it.

3.) The how and why's of seccesion and slavery is a lively debate has to the "why's and cause's" of the civil war.

The "what if Jackson had lived for the Battle of Gettysburg" , or "What if Culp's Hill was taken on the first day of Gettysburg" are just not fruitless questions upon the endless stream of possibilities, but are reasonable searches for understanding.

As we explore the fallacies of thinking upon the legality of Slavery & Seccesion, it too serves the purpose of understanding.

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