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  In the Eastern Theater, facing the Army of Northern Virginia, General Grant understood that it was his objective to wear down and defeat General Lee's army, not to gain territory or capture Richmond. This is why he said to General Meade: "Wherever Lee goes, there you will go also."

  General Grant when faced with an entrenched enemy, continually maneuvered to force General Lee to counter his movements. He learned at Cold Harbor that the ANV still had considerable defensive strength. He then resumed his previous methods.

  In this campaign, Grant continually tried to flank Lee rather than making frontal attacks. (Cold Harbor was the exception). The purpose was to use the AOP's great superiority to grind down the ANV until it could no longer resist effectively. Because Grant used mobility to try to improve his position relative to the ANV in no way changes the fact that his objective was to keep the pressure on General Lee in order to attrit the ANV's power until it could no longer effectively oppose him.

Attrition warfare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Reading here:  "...Ulysses S. Grant pushed the Confederate Army continually, in spite of losses, confident that the Union's supplies and manpower would overwhelm the Confederacy, even if the casualty rate was unfavorable; this indeed proved to be the case."

Petersburg  : The Wearing Down of Lee's Army ...


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