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The most immediate impact on the Army of Northern Virginia is that Lee had to find a way to get his entire army back over the Potomac and back to Virginia without being routed by a hotly pursuing Meade and his Army of the Potomic. Plus Lee hoped to also take fully intact, all the food and supplies his army had gathered in Pennsylvania during this campaign.

Thing of it is, Meade didn't mount an immediate hot pursuit with the devastating results that Lee feared. Meade did his level best given the condition of his own army and the heavy downpours that turned roads to muck and mire, but it wasn't enough to prevent Lee from making his escape to the consternation of Lincoln.

Also keep in mind that the Confederacy suffered a simultaneous setback in Vicksburg,MS. Both these battles created heavy loss of personnel the Confederacy could ill afford and a temporary drop in morale. That the Confederacy was able to recover and even that same year have a substantial victory at Chickamauga,GA is quite remarkable and demonstrates dedication, resiliance and determination.

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