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 Posted: Fri May 11th, 2012 02:40 pm
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Insecurity wrote: Thank you FedReb, I love this socialist sport, and i like watching younger kids play it as well. I hope to pick up on some more of what the general american population thinks about the Civil War, I'm understanding that opinions are diverse. Seriously, thanks for the welcome guys (:


The opinons are very diverse !! With the 150th anniversary of the war upon us there is a huge movement by certain historians and in several periodicals for the South to finally admit it was wrong. Its hogwash. It is the "treasury of virtue".  I would suggest you read Robert Penn Warren's Legacy of the Civil War. Its a hard read but a short book.  Here is the gist of it...

“The War” bestowed two lasting legacies: it gave the North what he called “a treasury of virtue” — no matter what the U.S. did subsequently, the act of freeing the slaves (even if done as a by-product rather than a purpose of the war) provided such stockpiles of moral virtue that it could never be depleted.

The South, by contrast, was provided with “the Great Alibi.” All subsequent problems could be blamed on The War and the Yankees. Nothing was ever the South’s own fault.

 Both sides were at fault but there are still so many today that believe the war was a moral crusade to end slavery. Even those that admit the war was about restoring the Union still can't shake the moral superior feeling. If you are a Southerner with a southern viewpoint, you are always on the defense. I was banned from another forum for calling out the mods because they refused to be fair in the way they moderated the forum. They always sided with the Northern leaning viewpoint. Its great debates though! If you have a southern viewpoint you will be called a "lost causer". Many spout hatred of the "Lost Cause". The reason for this is because there is truth to it, and it has never went away because of these truths. Same as someone who always says slavery had very little to do with the war. If anyone believes that, all they have to do is read the declaration of causes of secession of the lower South states. It was all about money and power, pure and simple. And both sides were ate up with it. But I tend to side with the South because I am vehemently opposed to big government and that is exactly what the North of 1861-65 represents to me. That fight against big government is still going on today. We are still unreconstructed and the Feds hate it. All you have to do is look at the fight between the administration and the state governments over the current immigration laws in Arizona, Utah,  Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Glad to have you on the forum. Start a thread about what you're most curious about. I'm sure we'll all fire away !


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