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 Posted: Fri May 11th, 2012 02:51 pm
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Old Blu wrote: Savez wrote: I would have to say the most immediate and direct effect would be the loss of irreplacable manpower. 

General Lee held up pretty good concerning man power.

Wilderness total engaged 61,000
total casualties 11,000

Spotsylvania total engaged 52,000
total casualties 13,421

North Anna total engaged 53,000
total casualties 2,517

Cold Harbor total engaged 59,000
total casualties 4,595

Lee's army ends up with practically the same number of combatants as he did at the beginning of the overland campaign.

Also keep in mind that Grant had to call on help from the defenses of Washington

Then from there everything went to *ell in a handbasket!

True but many of those were conscripts and troops stripped from other areas. "Virginia blinders" on many of the politicans and even Lee made other areas suffer throughout the war.

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