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 Posted: Sun May 13th, 2012 11:28 am
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I just finished Perryville:  Grand Havoc of Battle.  In the books I've read on the Civil War something I've noticed is that generals on both sides could be really incompetent at times.  Seems like who you knew was more important...especially early in the war.  It got me thinking about how the CSA and US armies matched up against the Prussian/French/British armies.  Were we on par with them in quality of soldiers and weapons?  Or would the Europeans have slaughtered the Yank/Reb armed forces?  At the start of WW 1 we built an army from scratch like the Civil War.  Germans found out at Chateau Theirry/Belleau Wood that we weren't bad soldiers.  Anyway just curious what you all think about the Civil War soldier compared to the Prussian/French/British soldier.

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