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 Posted: Sun May 13th, 2012 03:05 pm
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BHR62, good thought. I believe the North and South together could have beat any army in the world then. Imagine the resources of the North and the combined soldier ship of the North and South together. The character of the Civil War soldier has always amazed me, North and South. I may be biased being an American, but no I do not think there was a Country on Earth then that could have defeated the United States. Imagine Lee at the head of an army and Grant, Sherman, Jackson, Longstreet, Cleburne and Hancock as his Corp. commanders. Or put Grant at the head of that army, either way you are going to have one hell of an army. Just look at what they done to Santa Anna's army before the Civil War. They would make mistakes of course but they would adapt. I am reminded of what an old WW2 veteran told a young man a few years back. The young man was saying he did not know if this generation could defeat an army like the ones Germany and Japan had. That he did not believe men were as strong in character now as they was then. The old WW2 veteran said Oh yes you would, the young man said, how do you know? The WW2 veteran said because you are Americans.

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