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 Posted: Mon May 14th, 2012 06:51 pm
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Don't know how much interest there will be in a three month old thread, but...

ole wrote:
I'm pleased to see Foote designated as a story-teller. He told the story of the civil war in three-volumes, and each volume was more enjoyable than the previous, but when someone asks where you got that from, you'd better not say Shelby Foote.

Indeed. His books contain too many demonstrable errors, omissions, cherry-picking of (sometimes dubious) evidence, and presentation of evidence without proper context. He then covers his tracks by not properly citing evidence…you can either take his word for it or not.

jojotater wrote:
I think Shelby Foote was a great writer. Some people don't think him a great historian.

The bottom line is Foote had a novelist’s ability to see a great story, but not the historian’s ability to resist that story when the evidence didn’t support it. He too often molded the evidence to fit the story he wanted to tell.

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