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 Posted: Sat May 26th, 2012 01:06 pm
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I called it building from scratch because the standing army in 1861 was under 20,000 and half of them hit the road at the start of the war. The Union alone had 2.7 millon served in its forces. Thats a vast difference that caused a lot of growing pains. It was the same with WW1....standing army of less than 100.000 with no current heavy weapons grew into a force of over 2 million. The fighting spirit displayed on the battlefields of the Civil War was grandly displayed in WW1. Moltke described our Civil War armies as roving mobs blasting away at each other. In WW1 the Germans had little respect for the military capabilities of the American soldier. Which like i mentioned they found out different at Belleau Wood and Chateau Thierry. These are the reasons I compared the WW1 and Civil War armies.

I am not an expert on historical rifle comparisons but from what I know it seems like the Henry Rifle of 1860 was superior to the Prussiaan Needle Gun. Which makes think mass production would have given us a huge advantage in a match up of Yank/Reb vs European foes.

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