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 Posted: Sun May 27th, 2012 11:30 pm
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I'm not saying there's no effort in building up an army from a eace time strength to a war time strength and beyond (without grabbing the book I want to say it said the prescribed war time strength in the early 20th century was supposed to be around 400,000), but to build it up from scratch in a short period is far more than a herculian effort. To have the troops and training already in existance who can start training the incoming troops and can serve as maybe the first troops to be sent into the field while the army is brought up is better than no troops or any kind of training existing and you'll have to completely develop both. It took time to turn raw volunteer recruits into an army, even during WWII. But there were already ideas of what an army was and what needed to be done to train them.

And I agree with you're point. I just don't agree with bringing up WWI because the armies were different then and it feels like you're comparing Federal and Confederate Armies to US and European armies from decades later.

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