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 Posted: Mon Jun 4th, 2012 11:28 pm
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Old Blu wrote: Johan Steele wrote: Old Blu wrote: Johan Steele wrote: Early as a founding father of the Lost Cause, am I wrong? The man was a bitter little man post war. He went after any who chose to follow Lee's last orders. Though he waited until Lee was gone before he went at it in full force.

I think he did has done more damage than Grant ever did, after all Early still has disciples today following his orders. You'll find him regularly quoted on Stormfront & pretty much any LoSer website.

But as this is a thread about Grant I'll leave it at that.

Without sources, I can just say then, your failure at this request, thanks for your opinion. 

Well then who would you call the founders of the Lost Cause?  I might suggest a couple titles to educate you, the links may or may not still be good.  Enjoy the read.

Jubal A. Early, the Lost Cause, and Civil War History: a Persistent Legacy By Gallagher

The Myth of the Lost Cause and Civil War History by Gallagher & Nolan.

There is too much yankee biases in what you posted, but thanks anyway!  )))(

Sorry, I refuse to post links to Stormfront or any LoSer site.  You wanted sources you got them.  Provide a source that claims Early was not instrumental in the creation of the Lost Cause.  I've at least backed my opinion w/ the research done by legitimate historians... none of the likes of DiLorenzo or Rutherford from here thank you very much.  I prefer history to fantasy.


Until that time get back on subject or start a thread on the brilliance of Early and his Lost Cause.  This one's been hijacked enough already.

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