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 Posted: Wed Jun 6th, 2012 12:34 pm
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BHR62 wrote: My view of Early is that he was a bitter guy that just refused to reconcile with the US Government. Anybody that did was a traitor.

Longstreet buried the hatchet with the North....joined the Republican party and dared to bash Lee in some of his decisions. Longstreet stated that nothing would make him prouder than to see Yank and Reb vets marching side by side down Pennsylvania Avenue celebrating the end of the war. After Early's death in the 1890's Longstreet met with Wheeler. Wheeler rode up to Longstreet in his Spanish-American War blue uniform. Wheeler was a general in the US Army then. Longstreet commented that he hoped he dies before Wheeler so that he can hear Early screaming traitor at Wheeler from hell.

I've always liked that quote never knew if it was legit or not though.

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