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Johan Steele wrote: Old Blu wrote: Johan Steele wrote: A few titles that might educate on the subject.

The Mind of the South by Cash

Ghosts of the Confederacy by Foster

Pollard's The Lost Cause has already been mentioned.

Baptized in Blood: the Religion of the Lost Cause by Wilson

Origins of the New South by Woodward

For Early start w/ these:

Jubal A Early, the Lost Cause & Confederate History: a Persistant Legacy by Gallagher

Jubal: the Life and Times of Jubal A Early by Osborne


Post war Early was very bitter fleeing to Mexico then Canada before returning to the US after the amnesty.  He tried his hand at law again (his prewar career) but couldn't make a go at it.  He moved to Lousiana where he was a part of the State Lottery (not certain of his role other than he did a good job) but more importantly he was one of the founders of the Southern Historical Society.  He had an undying hatred of any CS man who reconciled themselves to defeat or dared join the Republican party (he hated Longstreet & Mosby in particular).  The man reveled in his role as one of the founders of the Lost Cause.

While I'm no fan of Early I think he was a competent soldier and was poorly served by the CS govt who removed him from command just prior to the end of the War blaming him for the loss of the Valley.  But IMO it was his vitriol filled pen that did more damage to the US than anything he did during the war.

What did Early write that was wrong?

In the defence of Early, at least he was there.  I suggest you start reading him and reading about him, if you can't figure out he was a vitriolic, lieing bastard... it's pretty clear you've never read him w/ an actual history book at hand.  He waited to go after Longstreet & Mosby until after Lee was dead.  I think Lee would have dressed him down, likely in a public response.

OK.  So go ahead and make personal attacks on me. I don't care.  Your failure to address the question shows you haven't read much about him either if you can't tell me 'what did he write that was wrong'? Are you going to avoid my question based on the fact you do not like him?

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