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 Posted: Wed Jun 6th, 2012 10:10 pm
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Old Blu wrote:

Perhaps you know enough about General Early to answer the question, '
What did Early write that was wrong?'?

Off the top of my head (you'll have to forgive my lack of sourcing as my books are packed away in the attic) one of his major fabrications was his insistence in writing and speeches that Longstreet failed to obey an order fom General Lee to attack at dawn on the second day at Gettysburg. The claim was manufactured out of whole cloth to help place blame for the defeat squarely on Longstreet on is disproven by letters given to Longstreet by Lee's own staff saying they had no knowledge of any such order.

Early also had a tendency to "remember" conversations critical of Longstreet where the other witnesses to hat was said were conveniently deceased at the time Early is recounting what happened.

Early was a good soldier, but not a very nice person at all, as even his friends would attest.

Johan's list of reading is a pretty good. Place to start. Gallagher has done much work on Early and the Lost Cause and would be a good One, as well.

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