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 Posted: Sun Jul 1st, 2012 10:21 pm
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Johan Steele wrote: Old Blu wrote: Johan Steele wrote: Old Blu wrote: Pure revisionism!!:X

Like Davis post war, Rhett, Yancey, Rutherford... or Early.

Well, good to see you show up once in a while.  Without throwing out a bunch of your pet books, I still ask this question of YOU trying to get a specific answer to a specific question.

"What did General Early say in his book that was wrong?"

Some have already stated somethings.  How about you?

I don't spoon feed.  I also don't have "pet" books.  If you don't like actual history books that's your problem, not mine.  I read, a lot.  Such reading apparently gives me a different outlook.  If you think a reading list is inferior to yours why don't you offer titles that differ?  Nothing from Rutherford or DiLorenzo though, I have standards.

As you clearly believe the man never told a falsehood in his life, you've already made up your mind.  I provided a list of books, his track record is evident in what is written by and of him.  I gave you the works of legitimate historians; I'll take their word over yours thank you very much.

All  I am asking you is 1 simple question.  What did Early say in his book that was wrong?

You don't have to give me a whole list of 'who shot john'.

Answer please!!

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