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 Posted: Mon Aug 6th, 2012 01:39 am
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Many thanks for that link. I watched Gallagher's entire hour-long presentation and found it fascinating. He has some persuasive arguments for his statement. I understand from what he says that the Seven Days was a significant foundation for what followed and also was the start of Lincoln's plan to emancipate slaves, even before the idea gained traction after Antietam.

I would like to see Gallagher argue his points with a historians who fiercely believe Gettysburg was the true "turning point." That would be a super cool event to witness.

Gallagher does admit that the war had several distinct turning points, such as the fall of Atlanta, for example, but still maintains that the results for both North and South of the Seven Days Battles were so significant that it amounts to the true turning point of the war.

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