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 Posted: Tue Aug 7th, 2012 01:27 am
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BHR62 wrote: He was talking about how Grant was labeled a butcher by people in the north due to his high casualties. Lee meanwhile sustained heavier casualties but the south accepted it because he gave them victories in fending off the Yankee invaders. Lee and Grant both believed in the offensive meaning there was going to be high casualties. Calling Lee a murderer was said to point out that Grant wasnt a butcher.
No, that is not it.  Right at the beginning of the movie that is what he called General Lee! A murderer. I didn't watch anymore of it. 

All the writers  I have read about called Grant a butcher but that doesn't matter to Galager.
He shows his biases real slick like.  Matter of fact, I understand Grant himself said he regretted what he did at Cold Harbor.

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