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 Posted: Tue Aug 7th, 2012 06:48 pm
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At heart I'm an Artilleryman. Which got me to thinking about some "favorite" artillery actions that you may have that occurred during the Civil War. So what are they?

For me I have always liked the defense made by "Longstreet's" Battery during Antietam. I understand there is some discussion of the actual events of that moment, but overall I think it makes for a good example of a line being drawn in the sand.

Another, less well-known, favorite for me is the action of the California Column at the Battle of Apache Pass (Fort Bowie) against the Apaches. The Union troops were well outnumbered and the Apaches held all the high ground. Here, the "Jackass Battery" came into play. In order for the "Redlegs" to get the angle needed they dug holes under the gun trails. Still, the extreme angle busted up the wooden trails. However, the Artillerymen were able to fire grapeshot into the Apaches, killing many and forcing them back.
Many years later, one of the Apaches who survived that fight stated: " We would have done well enough if you had not fired wagons at us!":shock:

Sound off, what are your Favorites?

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