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 Posted: Thu Aug 16th, 2012 10:11 pm
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If it were our last hope as in we were invaded and need more soldiers and had no support from Canada or Mexico. That we would activate our ROTC and JROTC cadets. I mean think about it we have the following with at least 100 cadets in each battalion, wing, etc.,:

1555 Army JROTC units
794 Air Force AROTC units
619 Navy JROTC units
260 Marine Corps JROTC units
1 Coast Guard JROTC unit

That's roughly 322,900 cadets ready to go. (couldnt find ROTC specs)I was an Army JROTC Cadet for four years and an instructor for the Young Marine Corps for one year. This was always a question I got. I know current law states that JROTC and ROTC are inactive and non deployable. But in time of war and crisis amd if it were an option if not our only option (draft already ongoing) does anyone think it possible to over rule and deploy? I'm writing a book and wanted to use this as a probably course of action for our government. I thought of how Cadets were deployed in the Civil War and came up with it.

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