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 Posted: Thu Sep 13th, 2012 02:27 am
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The living history organization Confederation of Union Generals (COUG) who formed ten years ago in 2002 has currently accepted nearly twenty (20) member resignations over the past ten (10) business days and more are expected imminently.

Since May of this year (2012) a radical change in organizational mission has caused many living historians to recognize the historical focus of this organization has been terminally clouded by an insatiable desire to interpret the written historical record from the perspective of conjecture without any appearance of gratitude or respect toward this by-gone generation that suffered so terribly for the American Ideal.

It is with great sadness that such an end was the desired result by all those who ignored countless pleas this past summer to consider their grave error in judgment and bring the organization about to its founding platform which is: Living History.

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