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 Posted: Sat Oct 13th, 2012 06:21 am
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But my point is still there, Mark. I haven't seen Amistad so I don't know how Spielberg may have portrayed the South in that movie. And how much more had things chanced between the Amistad case and the start of the war? I mean this isn't like Raiders of the Lost Ark to The Last Crusade where the time difference is two years. Looking it up the Amistad case was 1841, twenty years before the start of the war. And the decision in the case is just five days shy of twenty years before when Lincoln was sworn in (the decision was handed down March 9, 1841). How differently might Spielberg portray the South in Lincoln from how he might have portrayed it in Amistad if he portrayed it at all in Amistad?

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