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 Posted: Thu Oct 18th, 2012 11:34 am
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Personally what's to wonder. The sad fact is that most folks really aren't interested in history so they are less likely to pick up a history book and read it. Look at what History Channel has become. I agree with the slogan of history made everyday. Heck, history is made every second, some of it insignificant in the grand scheme of things some of it with potential to change the world and affect billions of people. But the important daily history is what you watch the news for, not History Channel. The channel was supposed to be about the past, not shows like Life after People, Ice Road Trukers, Pawn Stars, and American Pickers. I like watching Top Shots and personally I've seen more history on it than I have on American Pickers. But what the network execs want is pure entertainment value over shows that pander to historical interest, even if that pandering is more WWII focused (as in the nickname the Hitler Channel). Some of the shows you could take and use them to entertain and to educate.

And it's just not watching that channel that leads me to say that. I look at folks who ask what folks can tell them about the lives Jack and Rose from Titanic. Or why don't we hear about the true history of Hitler's death in the history books like we see in In Glorious Bastards. Or why haven' we been taught about Lincoln's hunting vampires as we see in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Rather than actually look into the real history depicted in movies and learn more about real history people would rather believe the Hollywood history depicted in movies and want to learn about that history or learn why that history, which they think is real, is not being taught in school.

Then there's re-enacting, absolutely nothing wrong with it. Heck good reenactors actually study the period their re-enacting so dress properly and can answer questions anyone visiting their re-enactment might have. But then there are folks who are just out to play dress up and complain about folks who take it seriously. One of my sisters is, or was, in the SCA and she and a bunch of her friends went to an event a few years back. She came back complaining about folks ruining all the fun by wanting to be authetic to the period. That the only purpose for Medival and Renissance re-enacting was to have fun and nobody actually cares about authenticity just as long as you look like you're from that era. The point here is that there are going to be those in the re-enacting community who are interested in the history and experincing what it might have been like to live in that time period and those in the community who want to play dress up and have fun. Both have their places, certainly. But don't expect those looking to play dress up to be interested in history, maybe they are and maybe their not.

Folks who visit this forum are largely folks interested in at least one era of history and so most of us have at least one book in that specific era. A great many of us have a library we've amassed that we do turn to when we make posts. I've got dozens of books on the Civil War in my personal library and I'm constantly adding to it. I also have books on WWII, space history, weaponry, naval history, lighthouses, and military aircraft history in the non-fiction part of my library. Heck, I still make a gift wish list for Christmas and my birthday and one section of it is listed as BOOKS - history and military. It sounds childish, a Santa gift list, for someone in their late thirties but at five pages in length it gives folks ideas of things I'm interested in so even if I get something not on the list the chances are pretty good the list may have helped them figure that the item would be something I might like.

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