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 Posted: Thu Oct 25th, 2012 07:44 pm
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Many years ago my friend and I made my first trip to Gettysburg. He had been there before. What happened one night still boggles my mind.
We were heading back to where we were camped at about 1015 at night. We walked by Servant's and noticed a light in the window of the house across the street. At that time, I did NOT know the story of John Reynold's sweetheart sitting with his body in that house.
We went across the street and looked in the window. There was the body of a man in a union general's uniform stretched out on a cot with a young woman sitting beside the cot in a chair reading a book by the lamplight. I thought wow, what a nice touch! We made a note to let Servant's know we liked the set up the next morning.
When we went back, the next day, the house was set up like a business and there was no way, they could have redone it over night. About 8 months later I was reading Mark Nesmith's latest book of the ghosts of Gettysburg, when I came upon the description of the scene we saw!! I about fell off my friends couch. My friend Linda said I got really pale and she thought that there was something wrong.
I told her what had happened. Later on my next trip over there, I got to talk to Mark and told him about it. He told me I wasn't the only one to see it, other people had experienced it too. There have been other experiences rather strange over there.

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