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 Posted: Tue Oct 30th, 2012 07:11 pm
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Pvt Clewell is right on the prices of an original LeMat and on the Henry rifles, even though his post is several years old. I saw an original Henry in the Kittery Trading Post in Maine in 1988 and the price then was 10,000 dollars. The last CW gun and relic show I went to the Henrys were marked no lower than 47 thousand. The iron framed one was 54 thousand. The LeMats are still around 25 to 35 thousand. The story every man in Stuart's cavalry had a LeMat is just that a story. A great many favored the 1851 Navy Colt in 36 and the 1860 Colt Army in 44.
Stuart did a own a LeMat and it broke on him sometime in the fall of 1863. He reverted back to carrying his Whitney Navy Revolver, a solid frame type that was a 36. The Confederate Spiller and Burr was a copy of the Whitney, but only in a brass frame.

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