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 Posted: Mon Nov 5th, 2012 10:44 am
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I found an ancestor that served in the 72nd Indiana Mounted Infantry.  I like collecting weapons that my ancestors used during their wars.  My question is there a website that would make it easy to see what a specific regiment carried in the war?  I've not been able to find one.  I know the 72nd served in Wilder's Brigade.  Studying the 72nd I found that it appears the officers carried the carbine version of the Spencer.  But I'm getting conflicting info on the enlisted.  I've found info that they carried the Henry Repeating Rifle.....then they also carried the Spencer Repeating Rifle.  I would think a regiment would want a standard weapon just for ammo supply purposes.  I guess I could just buy all 3 and cover all my bases :D

Anyway any info on finding out what a regiment specifically carried would be very appreciated!

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