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 Posted: Mon Nov 12th, 2012 05:58 pm
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johan, you are right in some repects, but the US government didnot authorize the purchase of Spencer Carbines until that December 1863 contract. The various sources I reviewed state that their were a limited number of older Spencer carbines that were manufactured and issued under private issue, ie: state type issue to the volunteer regiments.
Records show that cavalry units of the Army of Potomac did receive Spencer rifles before Gettysburg. But only a few companies in each regiment received them. Only the best shots and sharpshooters among those companies. As mentioned earlier there was the mass rearming of cavalry units under Sheridan's command in the Spring of 64 that were issued the new carbines. I was thinking 1865 because I'm doing research on a book on the CSA cavalry, circa the winter of 1864 to the surrender of in April 1865. Like I said, Getting older.

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