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 Posted: Sat Dec 1st, 2012 07:05 am
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Ok, I tried this recipe again yesterday, this time using leftover chicken from a couple nights before. Chicken had been done with a little rosemary, thyme, and white wine, so that was added to the flavor of this dish as it was in what broth I could get (there was more than I expected, thankfully).

I've got to say I think this could have been one of the SOS recipes of it's time. I said that the next time I tried it I'd try it over toast, which is what I did and why I say it could have been a SOS of the time. However, this is more the way I'm doing the recipe and unlikely to actually match what they would have done.

I have to admit that again I got a little too much flour than I wanted and I had less than last time. But instead of making my mistake with the lemon juice and soy sauce that I made last time I simply went to the water. Did a bit too much water, but evaporation is a friend so I just let it thicken to the same consistency as last time. I did actually double the amount of lemon juice and soy the recipe calls for on purpose, the end result was that you could taste them in the sauce but the lemon juice was not half as stronge as last time. It was a much more plesant taste this time around.

Looking over the recipe I did forget to add the mustard, which I'm not pleased with myself for that. Thought I remembered everything that went into the sauce.

Spice is still questionable for me. I did back off on the cayenne and am wondering if I used the same measure for all three last time as I did for the cayenne this time (I did a dash measure of salt and pepper and a pinch of cayenne where as all were equal measures last time) but it ended up tasting like I had the same amount of cayenne as I did last time. So I'm wondering if the smidge would actually taste like I backed off on the cayenne or if I'm doing too much spice for the amount I'm trying to make. Yes I have considered the possibility it's the black pepper that's given the slight kick though there is a difference in taste between the two.

Everything said and done I'd have to say with the way it came out this time that aside from my question on spice and remembering to add the mustard that I'd do this again with chicken or turkey. And certainly serve it over toast or with biscuits.

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