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 Posted: Tue Dec 11th, 2012 12:28 am
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BHR62 wrote: Custer Michigan troops had Spencer Carbines at Gettysburg.... why the hell didn't he at the Little Big Horn?

Custer's men at Gettysburg had Spencer Rifles, there weren't any carbines available yet, while there were some civilian models in existance I'm unaware of any in military hands.

There were Spencers at the Little Big Horn, shooting at the 7th Cav.  As well as examples of Sharps, Henry, Winchester etc.  Everything under the sun that couild send rounds down rane as well as a few arrows launched by young warriors who had yet to get their paws on a firearm.

The Trapdoor Springfield was a considerably harder hitting round than the Spencer & it was also considerably more accurate.  What it lacked was the rate of fire of the Spencer.  FWIW I don't think Spencers would have made a difference to Custer on that day.  Custer met his match in Crazy Horse & the 7th Cav met the full fledged fighting power of the Lakota & Cheyenne nations.

As a note the .45-70 w/ a heavy bullet has almost identical ballistics to the ACW Whitworth rifle.

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