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 Posted: Fri Dec 14th, 2012 12:34 am
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My best friends father, Dave Bald Eagle, is a full blooded Lakota whose grandfather was a young warrior at the Little Big Horn. Dave grew up listening to his grandfathers stories and some mirror that youtube video. Dave was born in a teepee on the Cheyenne River near what is today Bridger SD in 1919 +/-. All his mother knew was that it was winter and the great white man war on the other side of the great water was over.

Another friend is a full blooded White Mountain Apache, his GG grandfather rode w/ Cochise and Zac has his 1873 (it may be an 1866 I don't remember for certain) Winchester w/ a rather unique sling... scalps.

Dave was w/ the 82nd in WW2 & badly wounded at St Mere Englese, he has 7 children who have or are serving in the US Army.

Zac's father fought in Italy in WW2. Zac did a stint in the USAF then 20 w/ the DEA.

Those were fighting men of the highest order that took Custer down. There was no quarter given & none asked; a kind of conflict we saw again in the Pacific in WW2. I would much rather have the Apache & Lakota on my side than fighting against me.

"Don't like the fighting here, go join Bobby Lee; fightings easier in Virginny anyway." A Texas Rifle captain to his men and the Commanches & I paraphrase.

"Ever think what it means to surrender to an Apache?" A US Regular in response to a GAR man who said he didn't fight in the ACW.

Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island Illinois has an outstanding display in regards to the little Big Horn. The Arsenal museum is a priceless visit if you ever get an opportunity.

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