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 Posted: Sat Dec 22nd, 2012 01:41 am
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Albert Sailhorst wrote:
The Union,The United States of America as it were, also included the Southern States....At a certain point, the Southern States wanted to make their own country, thus taking those states out of the Union and therefore making the United States of America a much smaller country.

So, the war to preserve the Union was the attempt made to keep those states from making their own country.....

Right. The North wanted to remain as one, while the South was threatening to split off and become their own country. The North decided that that wasn't going to work, and shots were fired over this disagreement. Imagine if the US was split in half. Pretty much 2 countries with nothing powerful between them. However, together, the Country is one of the "Power-Players" world-wide.
Any division would've weakened the country- so in a backwards way, the country was unified by the war.


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