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 Posted: Wed Jan 2nd, 2013 03:43 pm
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I had read this awhile back. It comes from William Thomas Poague's book, "Gunner with Stonewall." I found it very amusing!

About 1 P.M. some officers of my battalion called my attention to the movement of a column far off to our right-perhaps three to four miles-but no one could tell who they were or even in what direction it was moving, simply the glistening of gun barrels over a dark mass for a distance of apparently two or three hundred yards. I at once sent an officer to report the fact to General Lee, who was not far from my position. I was at once sent for and questioned in a way I can never forget.

"Major," he said, "you have sent some rather vague information about a body of troops somewhere. Please tell me all you know about it." (Note the Q (question) and A (answer) form the following.):

A. "All I know is that a column of infantry, as well as I could make out, is in motion far to our right." 

Q."What troops are they, the enemy's or ours?" A. " I don't know; it is impossible to tell."      

Q. "In what direction are they movig?" A. "I couldn't tell; their course is directly to or from us."

Q. "On what road are they?" A. "That I do not know."

Q. "Well, Major, what do you know?" A. "Only what I reported."                                                                                                                   

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