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 Posted: Fri Jan 11th, 2013 02:49 pm
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  I know that you have been looking at material from the Lionel model train folks, but have you seen this particular site?

1862 General Steam Engine   It shows an image of the: "General" (as in: "Standard") 1862 locomotive of the type that: "The General" was. It says: "All 1862s are painted gray with a red cab and always included the 1862T tender." It also says: "No known variations," but I don't know if that means that the paint scheme was standard on the real locomotives, or just on the Lionel ones. 

  Here is the 1862T tender, which is apparently always green:

  This pattern corresponds closely with the one from the Kennesaw folks that I posted earlier, except the boiler in that image appears to be painted black, not gray. Also, in the Lionel version, the headlight casing is painted red.

  I'm not sure if that will help or just cause more confusion, but I'll risk it.  :? Absent a description from someone at that time, or some document that we haven't yet uncovered, you might never know for sure how the actual locomotive was painted in 1862.

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