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 Posted: Mon Feb 11th, 2013 01:32 pm
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No clue to be honest. But like I said, I find the whole story of Bragg argueing with himself like that funny cause it sounds like it should have been fodder for a cartoon. One of those things that you wonder why the same man would be aruing back and forth with himself through correspondence. I mean I argue with myself, sometimes out loud. But never do I write myself asking for something and then write back saying I can't have it only to protest the denial.

And that's what's having me think that you'd probably get someone today diagnosis Bragg as having MPD rather than looking to see if Bragg didn't recgonize his own handwritting or if he was a little too retentive when it came to rules and regulations to the point where even when it was himself he had to completely follow the regs even though he knew he would be forced to turn himself down.

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