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 Posted: Thu Feb 21st, 2013 07:56 am
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No, not all the personal history. All the people to relate that history, yes. But at least some have recorded their experinces so generations to come will be able to read what life was like for these individuals.

As for the fact that it will be sad to see them go, well that's a common feature of warfare. The vets get older and they slowly pass away one by one. It's sad to loose them because they were there and know even better what that was like. Their wives and girlfriends know what it was like on the home front, as your mother can attest to, and can paint us a picture there. I've been lucky to speak with a few vets about their experinces and always feel a sense of enthrallment to listen to them. But for me the saddest thing personally is that it wasn't until after my great-aunt on my father's side died that I learned my great-uncle had been a WWII vet (he'd passed before she did and I don't remember any mention of it at his funeral). I never knew either of my grandfathers, both men died when my folks were kids. I know my mother's father served in the Pacific during the war, but as I've understood things for whatever the reason my father's father never served and never learned why he didn't (was he a 4F or was there some other reason). I only found out my great-uncle had served when I went to help move some things out of their house after her death, which left me wishing I had known before he'd passed. Maybe he wouldn't have wanted to talk about it, maybe he would have, I'll never know. Never talked about this with either grandmother, with my mother's mother I did ask about what life during the Depression was like, and with my father's mother I talked a little about the Titanic (she was born the same day the ship set sail so she had a bit of a fascinaion with it).

Something to think about, many of the same young men who fought in WWII served in Korea. And thirty to forty years from now the same thing will hold true for the men and women who served in Vietnam.

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