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 Posted: Tue Feb 26th, 2013 02:12 am
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  First of all, Jefferson Davis was the ancestor in the USA TODAY article. The fellow making all of the statements was the descendant.

  I will make no defense of the institution of slavery (I even consider jury duty to be involuntary servitude). I have said many times on this forum that slavery was not a benign institution. I would certainly agree that being owned by another human being was even worse than being a new immigrant working in an early factory in the northern states. But life was not easy in either case.

  As you said, England and France abolished slavery decades before the U.S. did. But as I pointed out previously, slavery continued for a large percentage of the population of the human race long after it ended in the U.S. For example, in 1900, the world population approached 1.7 billion. Of this number, about 1/4 was then in China (415 million), where slavery was still legal. It also continued in many other places, as the timeline presented in my previous posting shows. Therefore, I feel justified in saying that slavery was still widespread in the world decades after it was abolished in the U.S.

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