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 Posted: Thu Feb 28th, 2013 02:19 am
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Johan Steele-

  What you say about the SCV and similar organizations might well be true, but they represent only a miniscule percentage of the general population. The vast majority of citizens know little if anything about the SCV, and probably couldn't care less about anything that its members had to say.

  One person that every citizen knows about is Abraham Lincoln. Partly due to his martyrdom, he has been elevated to almost godlike status over the past century and a half. In one famous painting, Mr. Lincoln is welcomed to Heaven by George Washington.

Washington & Lincoln (Apotheosis)

  Most people know little of Mr. Lincoln's history, beyond that he: "Saved the Union," and: "Freed the slaves." He has his own memorial and appears on Mount Rushmore, as well as the national currency. His image is iconic, and no one, not the SCV or anyone else, is going to destroy it.

  Jefferson Davis, on the other hand, is identified in most peoples' minds only as President of the CSA, which was fighting against the godlike Mr. Lincoln. The vast majority of people today have a negative view of the CSA, and thus of Mr. Davis.
  I certainly don't canonize Mr. Davis. I've said many times that he had his share of human faults. The same can be said for Mr. Lincoln. Neither man, in my view, belongs on the extreme end of the scale as either a saint or a scoundrel.

  You, yourself, on other threads in this forum, have said that you regard Mr. Davis as having committed: "Gross treason." That, in my view, is villainizing him. As I recall, you said directly: "I think  I might call Davis one of the worst villains of US history." You would probably extend that judgement to most prominent Confederates, and in this you are not alone. One article that I read that discussed the recent movie: "LINCOLN" said that his CSA enemies were portrayed as: "Minions of Satan."

  I have no connection to the SCV or any such organization, but I am certain that they will have little success in tarnishing the image of Abraham Lincoln. They might hate him, but I think it is quite likely that there are fewer people in America now that hate Mr. Lincoln than there were 150 years ago.

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